This is my tiger-doll (tora ningyou) that I am making with Yamada-sensei. She is an amazing woman who believes in paying it forward. Her daughter now lives in America, and when they moved, many of their neighbors were very nice to them. When she heard that Dorothy and I were in Saiki, and that we were both Americans, she immediately invited us to her home and started this ningyou project with us. She is a wonderful teacher and a person that I hope to be able to pay back one day.

There are five steps to the ningyo process:
1. Sand out the impurities from the press-board doll.
2. Use a sawdust/paste conglomerate to fix the areas that you sanded too much. ><
3. Cover the imperfect imperfections that you tried to cover with the sawdust paste with a woven cotton fabric.
4. Cover the cotton with a silk fabric.
5. Cover the silk fabric with expensive kimono fabric.

It’s not a terribly difficult project, but my hand-sized tiger doll has taken me since August to get to step 4. The dolls are normally larger and *more* complicated. Updates to come when I finish!

And here is the updated, finished product! 

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