Samba with Sandra

The one thing that has been keeping me sane here is dancing samba with my lovely, amazing friend Sandra.  She’s originally from Brazil, was married to a Japanese man, and now has two beautiful “halfu” (half-Japanese, half-Brazilian) daughters to raise in Oita City.  She comes to Saiki every Tuesday and Thursday to teach an aerobics samba class to a handful of ladies, including myself and my good friends Alexa, Nori chan, Ai cho, Emi chan, Tomoko, and Yai chan.   The age range is from 4 years old to 84 years old, so it is quite a sight! 

This class is something I do whether I am happy, dead-tired, sad, natsukashii (homesick), or cho genki (HYPER) and I always come home feeling leveled.  Sandra always has a wonderful, warm effect on my mood, I can’t help but to go. 

Anyway, after 8 months of practicing, being secretely groomed for a position in the performance team, I debuted last weekend with Sandra, her daughter Camila, Hiro-chan, and Sayuri at an old folks’ home.  Needless to say they were very happy with our performance, and I was hooked.  It’s almost like ballroom dancing, costuming and makeup et. al, but of course it’s solo.  I am considering this a chance to work on my choreographobia, so that I can be a better-than-average ballroom dancer when I next get the chance.  Also, the costumes are quite elaborate and very fun to wear.  It requires the height of a woman’s confidence in her body, her sexuality, and her ability to deflect other’s bad mojo.  Honestly, I think every person (not just women!!) should have a Brazilian experience.  I mean, Michael Jackson had his, and through a chart-topping song, Brazil is still only a ghost on the map to many people.  Brazil is an amazing country that celebrates the body through dancing.   

So unless you’re going to be supportive, please don’t look at the picture below.  Thanks!


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